Come and Knock on my Door

There were few project that could wait till a later date. New doors was not one of them. I grew up in a older home with moulding and 6 panel doors. Our house had none of that charm I was accustom to. I knew we didnt have allot to spend on new doors.  So I thought a little bit of paint could go a long way over our flat boring pine doors. 4 coats of primer later (sucked that paint in like NO other) I looked into buying new doors. Our front and back doors were very country look not to mention a nice shade of painters tape blue. The idea of painting them one more time kinda made me batty.

The closet doors were a mix of cheap louvered doors and the same flat pine doors as well. Same issue NO CHARM, boring!!! The Hubs and I found a local fix-it crew and had them quote out the cost of new doors and closets doors. In my head I was thinking we cant afford this, its going to be $$$$. When we got the quote back I was SHOCKED and so excited only $700.00!!!

2 Main Doors (front and back)
4 Bedroom Doors (6 panel)
5 Sets of bifold (6 panel) closet doors.

A few weeks later we were living door-less for awhile. Which if you know me well, these are the sort of things that make me crazy. But I tried my hardest to remain calm and know it was not forever!

FINALLY the wait was over and we had our new doors in and it completely changed the look and feel of the house. We were so happy with the results, once again Homedepot to the rescue! While we were at we added new light fixtures to the hall as well from Homedepot. Twin Pack Flushmounts in Brushed Nickel Finish with Frosted White Glass. UM HELLO @ PACK FOR $20.00, what a great deal!

TAAAA-DAAAA the finished look!

I’ve painted the front door in the past few weeks but havent gotten around to take a picture yet. Also slowly adding moulding around the door frames.


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