What Dreams are Made of

I want a new kitchen.
I want a new kitchen.
I want a new kitchen.

I thought maybe if I said it 3 time it might just appear ya know like Beetle Juice. Any who from the moment the hubs and I bought this house I wanted a new kitchen. Once the patio project is done I’m going to pinch pennies again to meet my goal! Here is the kind of look we want and I’ll tell you CAN”T AFFORD THIS!!

The clean modern lines and neutral colors make me happy. I love the look of soft slate on the floor in a rectangular shape. I feel that the dark cabinets are timeless. For now I’ve decided that I’ll start buying parts of my dream kitchen over the next year or so. Starting with a new kitchen table. Mine is a hand-me-down from my uncle and aunt (which I really appreciate), but its not my style.

Love the Parsons Expandable Dining Table and Scoop Back Chair both from West Elm one of my favorite furniture stores! I hope in the next few months I can purchase them and be just that much closer to my dream kitchen!


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