I ♥ Moulding!

Who would have ever thought a young 20 something would have such a love affair with moulding of all kinds. Crown, casement, floor, door….LOVE it all! Let me let you all in on a little problem I have. When bored I tend to make projects for myself (the hubs just loves it). Also I might be one of the most impatient people you will ever meet, when I start something I want it done ASAP!

Ok back to moulding, I came home from work and was resting on the couch. Looked up and thought I want crown moulding NOW. We had  picture rail about  5 inches from the ceiling and I always hated it. Not to mention the color I had painted the living room had to go. I went down to the basement and grabbed a crowbar and went at it.

Now seeing how our house was built in the 1960’s there was quite a dip in the wall from years of paint. So I had to patch the walls, and then sand them smooth. The Hubs went to Harbor Freight and bought me a sander, I was every excited! A word of advice though cover up everything while sanding.


Ok back to it. So I sanded and made a large mess, cleaned it and painted the room. Now it was time to put up the crown moulding. I had to get the Hubs involved do to the fact that math makes me go cross-eyed and crown moulding is really complicated. Lets just say we wasted a lot of moulding 1st attempt! We finally figured out that cutting perfect cuts would not work from our room due to the age of the house. So the Hubs went out and bought an angle finder and that that helped us so much, up went the crown moulding. I highly recommend and angle finder like this one.

I have to thank my hubs for the hard work he put in to make me so happy. Little does he know I know want it through out the house 🙂 Here is the finished look. Just makes the living room look so much more done!


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