Leave it to the Professionals

I had this grand idea that the Hubs and I could tile our front entry way. It was old slate that was flaking away . I went to Homedepot and picked up tile I liked and the tools that  would be needed. I think I spent maybe $60 on the whole project, which I was SO happy about!

So next step busting it out, cleaning up, laying tile and done…right. WRONG! We started busting up the tiles and found there was lots of cement under the tile. We took one section and busted it down as far as we could. There was about 5 inches of cement. There was NO WAY IN HELL we could get this all out . I was bummed 😦

The Hubs tried really hard to get it out but it was a lot of work. By the way do you love his protective eyewear? They are my Coach sunglasses! Lesson learned always know when to stop and let the professionals take over. I contacted  a tile guy and he came pretty much the next day. He cleaned out all the cement had to pour new cement and lay the new tile. Once he was done he said that if he would have known how much that was going to be he would have charged us more. I’m all about saving money and doing project myself but always know when you can’t/ shouldn’t and ask for help.

Finished product!! so nice and level and not breaking.


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