Welcome New Patio

Well well well look what we have here, why it’s a new patio! Over the weekend the guys poured and finished the patio. I was hoping for nice weather today so I could plant new grass and a flower bed. Ahhh-well lazy day on couch is fine by me. Next weekend projects ahoy…maybe…

Did I mention I’m in love with my new patio, I couldn’t be happier! Oh getting older is super cool. I used a local company to do the job I liked him the best. Not only was the price right but he gave me some sound advice. We didn’t pay anything till the job was done. He told us that in this economy any contractor that wanted money up front could be up to no good. I would recommend them to anyone in the ares. Check them out here : J& J Decorative Concrete

Thanks to a little photoshop magic I’m able to see what it might look like once done. I’m still on the fence on if I should plant a flower bed under the little tree or more grass. Which do you like better?


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One response to “Welcome New Patio

  1. Katie Else

    flower bed! looks great 🙂

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