Yard Work Never Ends

For the past few weekends the weather man has called for rain…LIES all LIES! With that said I pretty much put off finishing up the backyard work that needed to be done. Until today, the day that happens to be 88 and humid. Smart thinking right? Well kinda I don’t feel bad for not going to the gym after all the heavy lifting and sweating. I went to my favorite place this afternoon HOMEDEPOT to pick up a few things for this project.

2 bags of mulch
3 hostas
4 bags of top soil
2 flats of flowers

$38.00 later I was on my way. I love their gardening center they have a great selection and it all very reasonably priced.  Aren’t you just so excited I let you all know all that… I know I am… Any whoooo on to the after shots!

Lets move in a bit shall we

Well there ya have it! New flower bed and grass to come. Exciting stuff huh AND just when you thought it couldn’t get any better here is a sneak peak at tomorrow fun plans!

OH where WILL THEY GO!!! 🙂


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