Fathers Day 2010

Here is a look into the fathers day BBQ the hubs and I had this past Sunday. We had my parents, his, and our brother and sister in law and nephew. It was a very nice night of soccer, food, chatting and MORE FOOD! I went a little over kill on it oops, but I fear I won’t have enough so I always make way to much. I had fun with my centerpiece too super simple and cheap. I love to update the look on the table often. The candle holder was a wedding gift and ready to go. Next I laid a silver tray under it and added some flowers. BTW I buy most my flowers at the Grocery Store. I find them to be super cheap and last forever. These ones were only 5 bucks! I remembered I had a couple lemons in the fridge too and thought it would be a nice addition. I will have to tell you it kinda made me batty I only had 2 but I ran with it. And TA-DA centerpiece that pretty much cost me only 5 bucks and will last for awhile. Light, fresh and summery!

Here are some more pictures of all the food and fun we had, hope you all had a nice fathers day too!



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2 responses to “Fathers Day 2010

  1. marie

    do you ever buy flowers at Trader Joe’s? I always have good luck there.

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