Always Painting…

I think I have more paint in my basement than most people. No my house is not that big, I’m just picky and bored (aka crazy). I somehow go it in my head that I hated the accent wall color in our living room. I wanted to try a dark gray color. So I poked around online for what I was looking for and came across this image. 


I held on to the image for over a month, would open it up and dream of my room looking like that. So one Saturday I decided it was time to do this! I had a few gray paint samples in my basement (yes I have a problem).  Here are a few before images. There was nothing wrong with the color just a bit more green in it than I wanted.

Alright folks. Please note my paint brush. Don’t worry, I bought a few new ones.

The 2 colors I had weren’t really doing it for me. I wanted it a bit darker. If you go to they have awesome Behr Virtual Color Centers. I was able to pick a color I really liked and headed to Homedepot to get the paint!

So the paint went up and as I was painting I kept thinking, “this is just not right but let see how it looks in the end.”

I loved the color VERY much, but it just wasn’t right in my house. I think it’s meant for a bigger room, one with vaulted ceilings.  It was really dark at night and made the room feel kind of small.

Yep. So here is the crazy part of me. The very next day I went and bought new paint to try this whole thing over again! Stay tuned!


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