It’s The Little Things

The kitchen in my house is an 80’s dream kitchen. It works ok, but not my taste. Let’s look back in time, how it looked the day we closed on the house.

While I was re-painting my accent wall in the living room I got to thinking.  “What would happen if I painted the dusty rose colored tile in the kitchen, with this grey paint in my hand, hmmm”. If you hang out in my house long enough you’re going to get painted.

And wooops look what happened, I tripped and paint went on the tile…weird, right!?

5 minutes later my kitchen looked like this.

I dont recommend doing this in a very high traffic area the paint scrapes off pretty easily. Really you should sand the area before applying paint. But who has time for that!  If you have a little detail like this GO FOR IT!

In about 15 minutes I went from dusty rose to dark grey tile trim, love it.


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