The One That Got Away

Like many people I have a long list of little one off projects. They don’t take time but there are JUST SO MANY!! When we 1st moved in the hubs and I had all the doors replaced (check it out here). There was one that got away, and it bugs me everyday! So finally the other night I snapped and it had to change… at midnight… on a saturday! This is what I saw everyday.

The lovely hardware triggered a little memory, I had bought a new door knob when we re-did all the other doors. Not to mention I had plenty of white paint on hand. So this project was paid for 3 years ago. Each side of the door took 3 coats of paint, but it went fast. I let it dry over night and did one more touch up coat in some areas.

Sorry for the crap picture above but I want to do something with the light down there as well. Not sure what yet but I’ll keep you posted. Either a new fixture or maybe a shade to change it up. So now for the big SUPER EXCITING ta-da moment! (or “DA-TA for those who know that embarrassing email I sent to lots of people at work once)

Simple, clean, and took no time. A project that made me think “Why didn’t I do this years ago”!


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