Master Bath Take Three

Way back when (aka 3 years or so) our master bath was nasty, old, and dirty. We knew it was going to be the 1st thing we remodeled. Heres a look back at the before and after:

Once it was gutted and redone I picked what I thought was a fun bright color!

It was fun for awhile, but I’ve learned that bright colors are better for larger spaces. I’ve been wanting to pick a calmer color for some time now. Thanks to a Homedepot gift card I was able to get paint and a few other treats. For a few weeks we left some samples up to see them in different types of light. Here was the winner

Here are the results, and I couldn’t be happier!!



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2 responses to “Master Bath Take Three

  1. marla

    oh it looks gorgeous! i LOVE it with the floors.. nice job

  2. Avigail

    LOVE IT! Now do mine?

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