Dirty Secret…Shhhhh

Everyone has  place in their house they aren’t so proud of. I have a few. Our basement is one of them. It’s very 1960′s meets 80′s down there. Think wood paneling, laminate tiles, sea foam green cinder block walls. Don’t get me wrong, it a great space. It’s the same size as the 1st floor. It just needs LOTS of aesthetic help.

I’ve been itching for a new project as late, winter is making me feel locked up. So I thought, since we can’t afford to redo the whole thing why not make the space we use(mainly the hubs), better looking? I have plenty of left over paint, so I decided to prime and paint the “wood” paneling! Here are some before shots of the hall area.

Yes, we have a phone booth in our basement. I dont know why the old owners put it in, but there it is.  So as you can see, it’s all ewwww down there. I still need to paint the hubby’s room as well, but he needs to move all of his VERY heavy stuff  (wink, wink).  Here it is, with a little help from my friend primer.

Now with everything all white and clean looking, the ugly drop ceiling was looking nasty. So I painted it as well. It turned out way better then I thought it would!

So there you have it, Step 1 of a few in my little basement freshen upper project. More to come. I’m sure you just can’t wait to see more.


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