Dirty Secret…No More…Well Not as Bad

Are you ready for the big reveal?? I’m sure you all have been losing sleep over this. I ended up using the same paint color as our hallway and living room. It was free and what I had laying around. The trim is the same glossy white as throughout the house.

I was sick of looking into the yuck side of the basement while painting. So I ran to TJmaxx and Bed Bath & Beyond to look for a tension rod and curtains.  I was pretty happy with the outcome and the Cost- $30.00!

BTW,  I found a solution to the light fixture at the bottom of the stairs! When at Ikea I picked up lamp shade and plopped it on. DONE!

I’m super happy with the outcome and looking forward to transforming the creepy bathroom and Hubs room down there as well.
Total cost of this project:
Primer    $0.00    (bought years ago)
Paint      $0.00    (bought years ago)
Tension Rod    $14.99  TJMaxx (retail 25.00)
Curtains            $14.99  BB&B (sale 35.00)

TOTAL: $30.00


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