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Spring Clean Up – .5

I messed around a bit more with photoshop last night. What do you all think? YAY or NAY??



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Spring Clean Up

With it being spring and all, I LOVE working in the yard! So far I’ve just been cleaning up this winters mess.  Take a looksy to what I’ve been up too.

I have a few ideas up my sleeves too, here is what I’m thinking about…

Take a peek above to see what it looks like now. I want to take out the two big pickery bushes on either sides of the windows. They are to big and a pain in the butt to trim up. I’d also like to paint the siding on the peak of the house a light grey, to jazz the house up.  This might just be a memorial day project! 🙂

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To Paint or Not to Paint??

Awhile ago on one of my favorite DYI blogs they showed how they made a quick update to their garage door. Like always I don’t have that much $$ to play with so paint goes a LONG way. Check out what they did over at Young House Love (love these guys). It got me thinking I should paint our garage door the same color as our front and back door. With a little photoshop magic I can see how it might look.

so what do we think?? Yay or Nay???


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Fathers Day 2010

Here is a look into the fathers day BBQ the hubs and I had this past Sunday. We had my parents, his, and our brother and sister in law and nephew. It was a very nice night of soccer, food, chatting and MORE FOOD! I went a little over kill on it oops, but I fear I won’t have enough so I always make way to much. I had fun with my centerpiece too super simple and cheap. I love to update the look on the table often. The candle holder was a wedding gift and ready to go. Next I laid a silver tray under it and added some flowers. BTW I buy most my flowers at the Grocery Store. I find them to be super cheap and last forever. These ones were only 5 bucks! I remembered I had a couple lemons in the fridge too and thought it would be a nice addition. I will have to tell you it kinda made me batty I only had 2 but I ran with it. And TA-DA centerpiece that pretty much cost me only 5 bucks and will last for awhile. Light, fresh and summery!

Here are some more pictures of all the food and fun we had, hope you all had a nice fathers day too!


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Yard Work Never Ends

For the past few weekends the weather man has called for rain…LIES all LIES! With that said I pretty much put off finishing up the backyard work that needed to be done. Until today, the day that happens to be 88 and humid. Smart thinking right? Well kinda I don’t feel bad for not going to the gym after all the heavy lifting and sweating. I went to my favorite place this afternoon HOMEDEPOT to pick up a few things for this project.

2 bags of mulch
3 hostas
4 bags of top soil
2 flats of flowers

$38.00 later I was on my way. I love their gardening center they have a great selection and it all very reasonably priced.  Aren’t you just so excited I let you all know all that… I know I am… Any whoooo on to the after shots!

Lets move in a bit shall we

Well there ya have it! New flower bed and grass to come. Exciting stuff huh AND just when you thought it couldn’t get any better here is a sneak peak at tomorrow fun plans!

OH where WILL THEY GO!!! 🙂

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Welcome New Patio

Well well well look what we have here, why it’s a new patio! Over the weekend the guys poured and finished the patio. I was hoping for nice weather today so I could plant new grass and a flower bed. Ahhh-well lazy day on couch is fine by me. Next weekend projects ahoy…maybe…

Did I mention I’m in love with my new patio, I couldn’t be happier! Oh getting older is super cool. I used a local company to do the job I liked him the best. Not only was the price right but he gave me some sound advice. We didn’t pay anything till the job was done. He told us that in this economy any contractor that wanted money up front could be up to no good. I would recommend them to anyone in the ares. Check them out here : J& J Decorative Concrete

Thanks to a little photoshop magic I’m able to see what it might look like once done. I’m still on the fence on if I should plant a flower bed under the little tree or more grass. Which do you like better?

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Bye-Bye Deck Part 2.5

Here is a sneak peek to our almost done patio! more to come once its complete !

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