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What I’ve Wanted…Kinda

I’ve been wanting a credenza for behind the dining room table for awhile now. I’ve had my eye on this one at West Elm that matches our dinning table

The price is the issue, at 599 plus shipping brings the grand total to over 800 bucks and I just cant bring myself to do that. If it ever goes on sale or they have free shipping it will be MINE! I started searching for something similar  and came across this one at IKEA. I however never got to see it in person. Meet the Bjursta Sideboard: At 249 she was a steal.

So fast-forward a few weeks later the Hubs was out on his normal flea market/ salvation army Saturday adventure. When I got a text message, that they had the Bjursta Sideboard and get this for 1/2 the price. I asked “what was wrong with it, did it smell, was it broken”?? He said “just a few chips and the backing was coming off other then that good condition”.  Few hours later he came home with it. 1st off I was very excited on this find and then I saw how short it was. hmmmm not really what I was thinking but for the price and the fact WE DIDN’T HAVE TO PUT IT TOGETHER, I was sold.  I have plans in my head of going to IKEA and looking to see if I can buy some taller legs but for now it’ll do.

Here is the Hubs nailing the backing back on and I took a sharpie to the few dings good as new!


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Fathers Day 2010

Here is a look into the fathers day BBQ the hubs and I had this past Sunday. We had my parents, his, and our brother and sister in law and nephew. It was a very nice night of soccer, food, chatting and MORE FOOD! I went a little over kill on it oops, but I fear I won’t have enough so I always make way to much. I had fun with my centerpiece too super simple and cheap. I love to update the look on the table often. The candle holder was a wedding gift and ready to go. Next I laid a silver tray under it and added some flowers. BTW I buy most my flowers at the Grocery Store. I find them to be super cheap and last forever. These ones were only 5 bucks! I remembered I had a couple lemons in the fridge too and thought it would be a nice addition. I will have to tell you it kinda made me batty I only had 2 but I ran with it. And TA-DA centerpiece that pretty much cost me only 5 bucks and will last for awhile. Light, fresh and summery!

Here are some more pictures of all the food and fun we had, hope you all had a nice fathers day too!


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