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Nursery FIN…for now

Well I think I have reached the end of the nursery decorating.  The room we had to work with is very small coming in at 8×9, perfect size for a nursery or office.  I was a bit nervous it wasn’t all going to fit at 1st, but we got it all it.

Take a gander



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Details… Shmetails…

I think I’m falling in love with this room It’s not like any room I’ve ever put together. And can I say I’m even shocked on how girly it’s looking and I don’t hate it!! This weekend I wanted to start hanging a few items I’ve had tucked away. A mirror I bought MONTHS ago, curtains, and wall shelves. We only got the curtains up and mirror, which is fine by me (trying to take my time).

Funny story about the mirror, I saw something like it on one of my favorite blogs younghouselove awhile back. After my 1st doctors appointment (8weeks along) I hit up the homegoods right down the road. While wondering around I saw a mirror very similar to the one Sherry and John used in their nursery.  I thought “well if we have a girl this would be super cute over the crib”. Glad that all worked out 😉

I also bought crib bedding, I’ll be honest I’m sure I spent to much for it but I LOVE IT!! It came in a cute bedding bag which got me thinking. I could use it and make a pillow for the rocking chair. And wah-la PILLOW.

The curtains were from Ikea, just like all the curtains in our house. So easy to put up and hem. My kinda project!

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Change It Up

So I mentioned walking up and down all the isles of Target, which I do way to often. While there I came across a new shower curtain, I had to have it! I’ve been searching for a new look for our main BLUE bathroom for awhile now. Lucky for the hubs it’s not just a sledge hammer. Any who… here she is!

To refresh your memory here was the bathroom before.

And with the new curtain

I really like but I’m a bit concerned it’s to much pattern with the boys locker room floor, what do you all think?

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Dirty Secret…No More…Well Not as Bad

Are you ready for the big reveal?? I’m sure you all have been losing sleep over this. I ended up using the same paint color as our hallway and living room. It was free and what I had laying around. The trim is the same glossy white as throughout the house.

I was sick of looking into the yuck side of the basement while painting. So I ran to TJmaxx and Bed Bath & Beyond to look for a tension rod and curtains.  I was pretty happy with the outcome and the Cost- $30.00!

BTW,  I found a solution to the light fixture at the bottom of the stairs! When at Ikea I picked up lamp shade and plopped it on. DONE!

I’m super happy with the outcome and looking forward to transforming the creepy bathroom and Hubs room down there as well.
Total cost of this project:
Primer    $0.00    (bought years ago)
Paint      $0.00    (bought years ago)
Tension Rod    $14.99  TJMaxx (retail 25.00)
Curtains            $14.99  BB&B (sale 35.00)

TOTAL: $30.00

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Revamp Has Started

So awhile back I had mentioned a few things I wanted to do around the house. I was getting kinda bored with the colors and wanted to change it up.  Here is a look back at what I was thinking.

This past weekend I made a trip to Ikea to pick up the grey rug and a few other goodies. I just love the flower and color. (kinda loving grey can ya tell). I wanted to revamp the living room as well and with the budget being a bit tight I thought back to the colors I loved on my CB2 mood board and ran with it. At the same time the curtains in the dining area had t0 go as well, they didn’t match anymore. Crisp white would do the trick! I love how easy IKEA curtains are to hem , this how I spent my Tuesday night.

1st to go up were the kitchen ones, love how much brighter and lighter the area is now!

Now I have to redo my home tour images…yay??

Ok onward to the living room!! Here is a look at what the old colors looked like. Still love but just kinda over it.

So like I was saying I took the colors I loved from CB2 and ran with them.

Woot love the apple green in there. The hubs seemed a bit unsure about it when he came home but he’ll get use to it! this weekend I’m going to find a new home for the super cute rug!

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