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Spring Clean Up – .5

I messed around a bit more with photoshop last night. What do you all think? YAY or NAY??



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Spring Clean Up

With it being spring and all, I LOVE working in the yard! So far I’ve just been cleaning up this winters mess.  Take a looksy to what I’ve been up too.

I have a few ideas up my sleeves too, here is what I’m thinking about…

Take a peek above to see what it looks like now. I want to take out the two big pickery bushes on either sides of the windows. They are to big and a pain in the butt to trim up. I’d also like to paint the siding on the peak of the house a light grey, to jazz the house up.  This might just be a memorial day project! 🙂

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As in ripping out the weeds…

Take a look at our backyard a few years back (sorry crappy picture). This was taken the day we closed on the house. It was also one of the 1st things that had to go. I grew up with an apple tree and know how high maintenance they can be.

Once the tree was gone I went around and ripped pretty much everything else out. The pervious owner once had what I can only imagine was once a beautiful garden. By the time we bought the house it was so over grown and just ugly, it all had to go bye bye.

I’ve spent the past two summers ripping out flower beds and planting grass. This is what we had last summer.

Notice the Bush like thing in the back right of these pictures??

It never really bugged me, it helped block the view of the apartment buildings  (YUCK). But by the end of last summer they were so over grown and heavy looking they had to go. Last weekend I let the ripping start, OUT they came!  Now keep in mind its just the beginning of Spring here so nothing has bloomed.

Btw check out the new patio set! and the rest of the yard so far!

I would like to plant some cheap but tall tree/ bushes along the fence but thats down the road…

isn’t photoshop fun 🙂

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Summer Dreaming

Near the end of summer last year we had a VERY windy day. I came home to find this…

I took that a sign…SUMMER WAS OVER. Pretty much from that day on I’ve been on a quest for new patio furniture.  Yes I’m aware it’s 20 degrees outside, and there is snow on the ground. But I think it’s cheaper to buy things like this off season. I would love to have something like this option (see below) but I just couldn’t justify spending a grand on outdoor furniture.


Ummmm I’m not paying over 2k for that!! Don’t get me wrong it would be awesome, and if I could I WOULD 🙂

So I kept looking and looking. I really wanted more seating then last time. The option to seat my whole family down for a nice summer bbq. Randomly I checked Walmart.com, I don’t normally shop there, I’m a Target kinda girl. Until I saw this pretty set, and its friend cheap price tag!

I can’t wait for my Friday evening happy hours with my ladies! Eating dinner with the hubs and just lounging.

BT-W’s did you notice I match my patio set to the hubs grill 🙂 yep a color coordinated patio…

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Bye-Bye Deck Part 2.5

Here is a sneak peek to our almost done patio! more to come once its complete !

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Bye-Bye Deck Part 2

Soooooooooo after almost a month of waiting, rain, waiting and more rain they finally started the patio today! Every week I would get a phone call from the patio contractors saying they were behind on projects due to the rain. The only person I could be mad at was mother nature! Side note though I was able to patch the front lawn and the grass is growing nicely due to all the rain (silver-lining-COUGH-lame-COUGH). They will be back on Friday to finish the project. I have the day off and can’t wait to watch it come to life.

So here is where we left off HERE. And this is where we are today!

My kitties were NOT a fan of the Bobcat!

I can’t tell you how excited the Hubs and I are for a new patio! I’m already thinking about what I’m going to to with the little  area where the tree is. I’m thinking take all the grass out and put mulch down (I ♥ mulch too) and plant some boxwoods. Now my question is for you all WHAT DO I DO with those awnings I HATE them. Take then down, paint them, WHAT!?!?!

I leave you with a full view of the mess that is my back yard. I have to keep reminding myself it will look awesome very very soon!


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Bye-Bye Deck

Well tomorrow is the big day! The hubs and I have been pinching our pennies to save up for a new patio. When we moved in 2.5 years ago we new this was a must. I did my research on stone patios, stamped concrete, and composite decks. And took it one step further and had 6 quotes done. After one to many Holmes on Homes episodes I wanted to make sure I was finding the right person.

Here is what the deck looked like when we moved in.

After I received all six quotes we pick stamped concrete! Composite decking was a great option but cost WAY more then I thought it would. Same goes with a stone paver patio. I have a strong feel that this is our 1st home and we should not break the bank of the changes and updates we do. Here are a few more images of the deck all cleared off and read to be torn down tomorrow  morning !!

Can’t wait to see what it will look like once I get home from work!



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