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Xmas 2010

Well its that time of year again Xmas. I love and hate it all at once! I love getting a tree and wrapping gifts. I hate the time it takes and how you cant stop and enjoy it! With that said I do LOVE decorating for the holidays. Using what I have around the house which is the best way to save some money as well!.

1st of the tree. I never spend that much and Homedepot has great trees that last on a budget. I did however make the hubs take this tree back and get another one I’m picky!

Once we got home I let it warm up in the house and let all the branches drop before lighting and decorating.

Once all that was done I was ready to decorate it! The hubs and I have a tradition every time we go on vacation we buy an ornament! We have a nice little collection going and it’s fun to ¬†pull them out every year! Not to mention I love buying the hubs some funny ones like his hamburger or taco.

I then took what I had around the house to make a table center piece, coffee table center piece and console center piece as well.

I hope to get some lights up on the outside of the house too, maybe this weekend! Enjoy the Holidays!



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