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The Great Dresser Redo: Part 2

Tonight the hubs and I started the dresser redoing… Here are some better before shots

You can see all the dings and scratches all over the top. I wanted to just sand it down, but after research it said I should strip it 1st. Well that and the hubs told me as well, but whatevs. We started the process by spraying the dresser down with thiner and waited 15 LONG minutes. I’m not a very patient person.¬†

I was shocked how well it worked, took off most of the clear coat. You really can see a big difference in the pictures below. Next step will be the legs and drawers. After that let the sanding begin! And a big thanks to miko for his help xo


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To Paint or Not to Paint??

Awhile ago on one of my favorite DYI blogs they showed how they made a quick update to their garage door. Like always I don’t have that much $$ to play with so paint goes a LONG way. Check out what they did over at Young House Love (love these guys). It got me thinking I should paint our garage door the same color as our front and back door. With a little photoshop magic I can see how it might look.

so what do we think?? Yay or Nay???


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