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S#@t Or Get Off The Pot

Remember way back when, I started the EASY basement bathroom reno? Yeah me either 🙂

Any who we hit a few road bumps and I had to bring in a plumber to help finish the job. So much for an easy quick project. After taking a look at the plumbing he was shock that there were no shut offs either.  A few hours of him banging around the old sink was out and I was able to install the new floor. Which would have been easy if the floor was square. Cutting peel and stick tile out around pipes and the toilet was not fun! He came back a few days later to put the new sink in, again not as easy as I thought it would be. Here is a peek back at the old bathroom.

Are you ready for this…?

It looks sooooo much better, yes it turned out to be a pain in the ass but some projects are just like that. Here is a side by side look.

YAY!! 🙂



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Spring Clean Up – .5

I messed around a bit more with photoshop last night. What do you all think? YAY or NAY??


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As in ripping out the weeds…

Take a look at our backyard a few years back (sorry crappy picture). This was taken the day we closed on the house. It was also one of the 1st things that had to go. I grew up with an apple tree and know how high maintenance they can be.

Once the tree was gone I went around and ripped pretty much everything else out. The pervious owner once had what I can only imagine was once a beautiful garden. By the time we bought the house it was so over grown and just ugly, it all had to go bye bye.

I’ve spent the past two summers ripping out flower beds and planting grass. This is what we had last summer.

Notice the Bush like thing in the back right of these pictures??

It never really bugged me, it helped block the view of the apartment buildings  (YUCK). But by the end of last summer they were so over grown and heavy looking they had to go. Last weekend I let the ripping start, OUT they came!  Now keep in mind its just the beginning of Spring here so nothing has bloomed.

Btw check out the new patio set! and the rest of the yard so far!

I would like to plant some cheap but tall tree/ bushes along the fence but thats down the road…

isn’t photoshop fun 🙂

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Don’t Adjust Your Screen

Continuing on my basement reno projects, the small CREEPY bathroom is next on my list. It’s really great to have the extra bathroom down there, but eww it’s just creepy. In-fact I’ve never used it.

Don’t try to adjust the color you are seeing. The wall are a lovely shade of peach. The lights give off nothing but a peach color, kinda oompa loompa. Now my plan for this bathroom redo is going to be cheap and easy. My goal is to keep it under $200 bucks. I’m going to use the paint left over from my master bath redo. The rest is going to be instock items at Lowes or Homedepot.  Here is a sneak peek into what I’d like to do!

Grand total would be $127.22 before tax also if they have these items in stock. Wish me luck!

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Master Bath Take Three

Way back when (aka 3 years or so) our master bath was nasty, old, and dirty. We knew it was going to be the 1st thing we remodeled. Heres a look back at the before and after:

Once it was gutted and redone I picked what I thought was a fun bright color!

It was fun for awhile, but I’ve learned that bright colors are better for larger spaces. I’ve been wanting to pick a calmer color for some time now. Thanks to a Homedepot gift card I was able to get paint and a few other treats. For a few weeks we left some samples up to see them in different types of light. Here was the winner

Here are the results, and I couldn’t be happier!!


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The Wall Has Been Accented… Again

Here is a little look back in time at the living room wall. Living room wall this is your life!

Fall 2007

Later that fall 2007 (I wanted a sand color, not so much)

Spring 2008: I HATE YELLOW, make it go away.

That takes us to where we are now. Well sort of, there was the dark grey, look to the above post. I promise I will not re-paint the wall ever AGAIN!

In the day its a nice brown meets grey, at night more grey. I’m pretty happy with it…I think.

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Always Painting…

I think I have more paint in my basement than most people. No my house is not that big, I’m just picky and bored (aka crazy). I somehow go it in my head that I hated the accent wall color in our living room. I wanted to try a dark gray color. So I poked around online for what I was looking for and came across this image. 

source: raenovate.com

I held on to the image for over a month, would open it up and dream of my room looking like that. So one Saturday I decided it was time to do this! I had a few gray paint samples in my basement (yes I have a problem).  Here are a few before images. There was nothing wrong with the color just a bit more green in it than I wanted.

Alright folks. Please note my paint brush. Don’t worry, I bought a few new ones.

The 2 colors I had weren’t really doing it for me. I wanted it a bit darker. If you go to Behr.com they have awesome Behr Virtual Color Centers. I was able to pick a color I really liked and headed to Homedepot to get the paint!

So the paint went up and as I was painting I kept thinking, “this is just not right but let see how it looks in the end.”

I loved the color VERY much, but it just wasn’t right in my house. I think it’s meant for a bigger room, one with vaulted ceilings.  It was really dark at night and made the room feel kind of small.

Yep. So here is the crazy part of me. The very next day I went and bought new paint to try this whole thing over again! Stay tuned!

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