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Nursery FIN…for now

Well I think I have reached the end of the nursery decorating.  The room we had to work with is very small coming in at 8×9, perfect size for a nursery or office.  I was a bit nervous it wasn’t all going to fit at 1st, but we got it all it.

Take a gander



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Dressing a Room

Over the next few months I’ll slowly be adding more and more to the nursery. It’s taking everything in me not to just finish the whole room RIGHT NOW! I’ve had many girl friends tease me about this (they know me to well).  Heres the room all empty ready to be dressed for beebee.

It’s really not the biggest room at 9×10 feet, but all empty it feels bigger then when it was my office. Now for a sneak peek


check out boose (our cat) playing in the packing material. Coming up next building the crib you know you are just SO excited … uuhh


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What I’ve Wanted…Kinda

I’ve been wanting a credenza for behind the dining room table for awhile now. I’ve had my eye on this one at West Elm that matches our dinning table

The price is the issue, at 599 plus shipping brings the grand total to over 800 bucks and I just cant bring myself to do that. If it ever goes on sale or they have free shipping it will be MINE! I started searching for something similar  and came across this one at IKEA. I however never got to see it in person. Meet the Bjursta Sideboard: At 249 she was a steal.

So fast-forward a few weeks later the Hubs was out on his normal flea market/ salvation army Saturday adventure. When I got a text message, that they had the Bjursta Sideboard and get this for 1/2 the price. I asked “what was wrong with it, did it smell, was it broken”?? He said “just a few chips and the backing was coming off other then that good condition”.  Few hours later he came home with it. 1st off I was very excited on this find and then I saw how short it was. hmmmm not really what I was thinking but for the price and the fact WE DIDN’T HAVE TO PUT IT TOGETHER, I was sold.  I have plans in my head of going to IKEA and looking to see if I can buy some taller legs but for now it’ll do.

Here is the Hubs nailing the backing back on and I took a sharpie to the few dings good as new!

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Revamp Has Started

So awhile back I had mentioned a few things I wanted to do around the house. I was getting kinda bored with the colors and wanted to change it up.  Here is a look back at what I was thinking.

This past weekend I made a trip to Ikea to pick up the grey rug and a few other goodies. I just love the flower and color. (kinda loving grey can ya tell). I wanted to revamp the living room as well and with the budget being a bit tight I thought back to the colors I loved on my CB2 mood board and ran with it. At the same time the curtains in the dining area had t0 go as well, they didn’t match anymore. Crisp white would do the trick! I love how easy IKEA curtains are to hem , this how I spent my Tuesday night.

1st to go up were the kitchen ones, love how much brighter and lighter the area is now!

Now I have to redo my home tour images…yay??

Ok onward to the living room!! Here is a look at what the old colors looked like. Still love but just kinda over it.

So like I was saying I took the colors I loved from CB2 and ran with them.

Woot love the apple green in there. The hubs seemed a bit unsure about it when he came home but he’ll get use to it! this weekend I’m going to find a new home for the super cute rug!

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I’m Diggin Ikea

I think a little trip down to IKEA is in order! I was poking around on their site looking at the new products and was very excited! I’m thinking in the next few weeks or so this will be MINE!  A few years back I had never stepped foot in the wonderland that is Ikea. They finally built one about 45 mins away from my house, and life has not been the same! Take a look at what I’m Diggin!!

Last weekend was my birthday and I was spoiled rotten by the hubs and family, stay tuned.  🙂

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