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Nursery FIN…for now

Well I think I have reached the end of the nursery decorating.  The room we had to work with is very small coming in at 8×9, perfect size for a nursery or office.  I was a bit nervous it wasn’t all going to fit at 1st, but we got it all it.

Take a gander



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Dressing a Room

Over the next few months I’ll slowly be adding more and more to the nursery. It’s taking everything in me not to just finish the whole room RIGHT NOW! I’ve had many girl friends tease me about this (they know me to well).  Heres the room all empty ready to be dressed for beebee.

It’s really not the biggest room at 9×10 feet, but all empty it feels bigger then when it was my office. Now for a sneak peek


check out boose (our cat) playing in the packing material. Coming up next building the crib you know you are just SO excited … uuhh


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Happy Birthday To You…

This past weekend I was able to shoot a birthday party for Max & Cece!! Max was turning 4 and Cece was turning 1. It was a great day for hanging out in the moon bounce and slipNslide!

Here are a few of the shots. You can see more here















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Introducing annemaderphoto.com

For awhile now I’ve had people tell me I should make a photo portfolio site. I said yeah yeah yeah… I was kinda embarrassed about sharing, there are so many GREAT photographers out there and I didn’t think my hobby was anything special! My insecurities got the best of me.

But bottom line I love taking pictures. It’s a hobby of mine and maybe a bit of a annoyance to my friends and family! Some of my favorite subjects are babies and children. I could spend hours taking 10000 of pictures of little ones. So why not share with you all. I’d love to build my portfolio more and learn even more! Here is a little sneak peak at some of what I’ve done.

Feel Free to see more here annemaderphoto.com

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