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What I’ve Wanted…Kinda

I’ve been wanting a credenza for behind the dining room table for awhile now. I’ve had my eye on this one at West Elm that matches our dinning table

The price is the issue, at 599 plus shipping brings the grand total to over 800 bucks and I just cant bring myself to do that. If it ever goes on sale or they have free shipping it will be MINE! I started searching for something similar  and came across this one at IKEA. I however never got to see it in person. Meet the Bjursta Sideboard: At 249 she was a steal.

So fast-forward a few weeks later the Hubs was out on his normal flea market/ salvation army Saturday adventure. When I got a text message, that they had the Bjursta Sideboard and get this for 1/2 the price. I asked “what was wrong with it, did it smell, was it broken”?? He said “just a few chips and the backing was coming off other then that good condition”.  Few hours later he came home with it. 1st off I was very excited on this find and then I saw how short it was. hmmmm not really what I was thinking but for the price and the fact WE DIDN’T HAVE TO PUT IT TOGETHER, I was sold.  I have plans in my head of going to IKEA and looking to see if I can buy some taller legs but for now it’ll do.

Here is the Hubs nailing the backing back on and I took a sharpie to the few dings good as new!


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It’s The Little Things

The kitchen in my house is an 80’s dream kitchen. It works ok, but not my taste. Let’s look back in time, how it looked the day we closed on the house.

While I was re-painting my accent wall in the living room I got to thinking.  “What would happen if I painted the dusty rose colored tile in the kitchen, with this grey paint in my hand, hmmm”. If you hang out in my house long enough you’re going to get painted.

And wooops look what happened, I tripped and paint went on the tile…weird, right!?

5 minutes later my kitchen looked like this.

I dont recommend doing this in a very high traffic area the paint scrapes off pretty easily. Really you should sand the area before applying paint. But who has time for that!  If you have a little detail like this GO FOR IT!

In about 15 minutes I went from dusty rose to dark grey tile trim, love it.

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Out With The Old And In With The New!

Well I took a little summer break from boring you with my home, don’t worry now I’m back!  My last post I said it was my birthday and how I was spoiled rotten by my hubs! He must have read my mind…or blog and knew I wanted a new dining room table WEIRD I know!   Take a peek here and here.

This what we had in the kitchen for the past 2 years. A great hand-me-down from my aunt and uncle (thank you both). I will say it was the right size for the space just not our style .

By the way, why do cats always seem to wander into the frame when taking a picture?? After 3 weeks of waiting our new table finally came!! WOOT love it!!

And now for the icing on the cake a sneak peek into a little master bedroom redo!! this is now above our bed!

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Home Tour Update

Take a look at the new updated home tour HERE
Still a work in progress: Kitchen, Bathroom,oh who are we kidding it all is!


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I’m Diggin

love the white and cream together, marble and wood cabinets 

Source: Apartment Therapy

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What Dreams are Made of

I want a new kitchen.
I want a new kitchen.
I want a new kitchen.

I thought maybe if I said it 3 time it might just appear ya know like Beetle Juice. Any who from the moment the hubs and I bought this house I wanted a new kitchen. Once the patio project is done I’m going to pinch pennies again to meet my goal! Here is the kind of look we want and I’ll tell you CAN”T AFFORD THIS!!

The clean modern lines and neutral colors make me happy. I love the look of soft slate on the floor in a rectangular shape. I feel that the dark cabinets are timeless. For now I’ve decided that I’ll start buying parts of my dream kitchen over the next year or so. Starting with a new kitchen table. Mine is a hand-me-down from my uncle and aunt (which I really appreciate), but its not my style.

Love the Parsons Expandable Dining Table and Scoop Back Chair both from West Elm one of my favorite furniture stores! I hope in the next few months I can purchase them and be just that much closer to my dream kitchen!

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