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Nursery FIN…for now

Well I think I have reached the end of the nursery decorating.  The room we had to work with is very small coming in at 8×9, perfect size for a nursery or office.  I was a bit nervous it wasn’t all going to fit at 1st, but we got it all it.

Take a gander



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Christmas 2011

The tree is up, decor out and presents wrapped. BRING it xmas!

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S#@t Or Get Off The Pot

Remember way back when, I started the EASY basement bathroom reno? Yeah me either 🙂

Any who we hit a few road bumps and I had to bring in a plumber to help finish the job. So much for an easy quick project. After taking a look at the plumbing he was shock that there were no shut offs either.  A few hours of him banging around the old sink was out and I was able to install the new floor. Which would have been easy if the floor was square. Cutting peel and stick tile out around pipes and the toilet was not fun! He came back a few days later to put the new sink in, again not as easy as I thought it would be. Here is a peek back at the old bathroom.

Are you ready for this…?

It looks sooooo much better, yes it turned out to be a pain in the ass but some projects are just like that. Here is a side by side look.

YAY!! 🙂


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Why Can’t It Be Easy

The basement bathroom project has been humming along until this weekend. I started painting and taking down all the fixtures I didn’t need or want. 1st thing to go was the toilet seat, the new one was only 5 bucks and SO worth it (ewww). Next I made my way over to the vanity and started undoing all the screws that seemed like they were holding it together…and thats where the progress stopped.  I found 2 problems that were above my knowledge.

The lights– I unscrewed it and was expecting to see a junction box. NOPE just this hot mess!

Not really sure where to go from here… any thoughts out there in cyberspace??

The Plumbing- ummm where do I begin? So we have no IDEA where the hot water shut off is, so how does one change out the fixtures then??

The pipe on the left is the hot water line, it go’s into the wall behind the vanity. Leaving the vanity trapped, in its UGLY location. Again anyone out there with any ideas??

So yeah thats where I’m stuck I hate not having this project done already 😦  Here is a peek at how it all looks right this very second.

I laid the new tile down just to see what it would look like.

look how lonely he looks 😦 just waiting for his new home.

OI I hate this mess, and I thought this was going to be a easy little project… boooooooooooooooo.


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Don’t Adjust Your Screen

Continuing on my basement reno projects, the small CREEPY bathroom is next on my list. It’s really great to have the extra bathroom down there, but eww it’s just creepy. In-fact I’ve never used it.

Don’t try to adjust the color you are seeing. The wall are a lovely shade of peach. The lights give off nothing but a peach color, kinda oompa loompa. Now my plan for this bathroom redo is going to be cheap and easy. My goal is to keep it under $200 bucks. I’m going to use the paint left over from my master bath redo. The rest is going to be instock items at Lowes or Homedepot.  Here is a sneak peek into what I’d like to do!

Grand total would be $127.22 before tax also if they have these items in stock. Wish me luck!

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Dirty Secret…No More…Well Not as Bad

Are you ready for the big reveal?? I’m sure you all have been losing sleep over this. I ended up using the same paint color as our hallway and living room. It was free and what I had laying around. The trim is the same glossy white as throughout the house.

I was sick of looking into the yuck side of the basement while painting. So I ran to TJmaxx and Bed Bath & Beyond to look for a tension rod and curtains.  I was pretty happy with the outcome and the Cost- $30.00!

BTW,  I found a solution to the light fixture at the bottom of the stairs! When at Ikea I picked up lamp shade and plopped it on. DONE!

I’m super happy with the outcome and looking forward to transforming the creepy bathroom and Hubs room down there as well.
Total cost of this project:
Primer    $0.00    (bought years ago)
Paint      $0.00    (bought years ago)
Tension Rod    $14.99  TJMaxx (retail 25.00)
Curtains            $14.99  BB&B (sale 35.00)

TOTAL: $30.00

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Xmas 2010 Continued…

I really enjoy wrapping gifts, yeah I know. Here’s a little peek into my super COOL saturday night.

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