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My New Baby!

The nursery is not the only new thing in our house. For the past 4/5 months we have been on the search for a new couch. They were either to expensive or to big, so on.  We finally found one where the price was right! We were able to pick a fabric we loved and have it custom built. They said 8 to 10 week wahhh wahhh. Well thanks to a christmas miracle it showed up in a months time!

Here is what our living room looked before

And here is what it looks like now! It’s going to take some getting use to, but I LOVE IT!!

The rocking chair will go where the tree is now.



That back left corner is kinda bugging me, but what can I do? I’m also not crazy about the couch not being centered under the window but again it fits better this way. SO welcome to the world my new baby… couch!



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Xmas 2010 Continued…

I really enjoy wrapping gifts, yeah I know. Here’s a little peek into my super COOL saturday night.

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The Wall Has Been Accented… Again

Here is a little look back in time at the living room wall. Living room wall this is your life!

Fall 2007

Later that fall 2007 (I wanted a sand color, not so much)

Spring 2008: I HATE YELLOW, make it go away.

That takes us to where we are now. Well sort of, there was the dark grey, look to the above post. I promise I will not re-paint the wall ever AGAIN!

In the day its a nice brown meets grey, at night more grey. I’m pretty happy with it…I think.

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Always Painting…

I think I have more paint in my basement than most people. No my house is not that big, I’m just picky and bored (aka crazy). I somehow go it in my head that I hated the accent wall color in our living room. I wanted to try a dark gray color. So I poked around online for what I was looking for and came across this image. 

source: raenovate.com

I held on to the image for over a month, would open it up and dream of my room looking like that. So one Saturday I decided it was time to do this! I had a few gray paint samples in my basement (yes I have a problem).  Here are a few before images. There was nothing wrong with the color just a bit more green in it than I wanted.

Alright folks. Please note my paint brush. Don’t worry, I bought a few new ones.

The 2 colors I had weren’t really doing it for me. I wanted it a bit darker. If you go to Behr.com they have awesome Behr Virtual Color Centers. I was able to pick a color I really liked and headed to Homedepot to get the paint!

So the paint went up and as I was painting I kept thinking, “this is just not right but let see how it looks in the end.”

I loved the color VERY much, but it just wasn’t right in my house. I think it’s meant for a bigger room, one with vaulted ceilings.  It was really dark at night and made the room feel kind of small.

Yep. So here is the crazy part of me. The very next day I went and bought new paint to try this whole thing over again! Stay tuned!

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Revamp Has Started

So awhile back I had mentioned a few things I wanted to do around the house. I was getting kinda bored with the colors and wanted to change it up.  Here is a look back at what I was thinking.

This past weekend I made a trip to Ikea to pick up the grey rug and a few other goodies. I just love the flower and color. (kinda loving grey can ya tell). I wanted to revamp the living room as well and with the budget being a bit tight I thought back to the colors I loved on my CB2 mood board and ran with it. At the same time the curtains in the dining area had t0 go as well, they didn’t match anymore. Crisp white would do the trick! I love how easy IKEA curtains are to hem , this how I spent my Tuesday night.

1st to go up were the kitchen ones, love how much brighter and lighter the area is now!

Now I have to redo my home tour images…yay??

Ok onward to the living room!! Here is a look at what the old colors looked like. Still love but just kinda over it.

So like I was saying I took the colors I loved from CB2 and ran with them.

Woot love the apple green in there. The hubs seemed a bit unsure about it when he came home but he’ll get use to it! this weekend I’m going to find a new home for the super cute rug!

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I’m Diggin Ikea

I think a little trip down to IKEA is in order! I was poking around on their site looking at the new products and was very excited! I’m thinking in the next few weeks or so this will be MINE!  A few years back I had never stepped foot in the wonderland that is Ikea. They finally built one about 45 mins away from my house, and life has not been the same! Take a look at what I’m Diggin!!

Last weekend was my birthday and I was spoiled rotten by the hubs and family, stay tuned.  🙂

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CB2 Dreaming/ I’m Diggin

I get lovely emails from West Elm, CB2 and Crate and Barrel all the time. Telling me about sales and new items, and making me wish I was loaded to buy everything they all make! Today CB2 hit me up with their latest sales items and it got me thinking. What would it look like to do a quick redo of my living room. Keep the bones but change colors of pillow rug and curtains.

Here is what the living room now

Here is what I’m Diggin

Now with a little photoshop magic (like tv magic on cooking shows) what it could look like!

So what do you all think? I think I’m going to start saving my pennies and make this happen stay tuned … maybe!


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