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Don’t Adjust Your Screen

Continuing on my basement reno projects, the small CREEPY bathroom is next on my list. It’s really great to have the extra bathroom down there, but eww it’s just creepy. In-fact I’ve never used it.

Don’t try to adjust the color you are seeing. The wall are a lovely shade of peach. The lights give off nothing but a peach color, kinda oompa loompa. Now my plan for this bathroom redo is going to be cheap and easy. My goal is to keep it under $200 bucks. I’m going to use the paint left over from my master bath redo. The rest is going to be instock items at Lowes or Homedepot.  Here is a sneak peek into what I’d like to do!

Grand total would be $127.22 before tax also if they have these items in stock. Wish me luck!


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Master Bath Take Three

Way back when (aka 3 years or so) our master bath was nasty, old, and dirty. We knew it was going to be the 1st thing we remodeled. Heres a look back at the before and after:

Once it was gutted and redone I picked what I thought was a fun bright color!

It was fun for awhile, but I’ve learned that bright colors are better for larger spaces. I’ve been wanting to pick a calmer color for some time now. Thanks to a Homedepot gift card I was able to get paint and a few other treats. For a few weeks we left some samples up to see them in different types of light. Here was the winner

Here are the results, and I couldn’t be happier!!


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Out With The Old And In With The New!

Well I took a little summer break from boring you with my home, don’t worry now I’m back!  My last post I said it was my birthday and how I was spoiled rotten by my hubs! He must have read my mind…or blog and knew I wanted a new dining room table WEIRD I know!   Take a peek here and here.

This what we had in the kitchen for the past 2 years. A great hand-me-down from my aunt and uncle (thank you both). I will say it was the right size for the space just not our style .

By the way, why do cats always seem to wander into the frame when taking a picture?? After 3 weeks of waiting our new table finally came!! WOOT love it!!

And now for the icing on the cake a sneak peek into a little master bedroom redo!! this is now above our bed!

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I’m Diggin Ikea

I think a little trip down to IKEA is in order! I was poking around on their site looking at the new products and was very excited! I’m thinking in the next few weeks or so this will be MINE!  A few years back I had never stepped foot in the wonderland that is Ikea. They finally built one about 45 mins away from my house, and life has not been the same! Take a look at what I’m Diggin!!

Last weekend was my birthday and I was spoiled rotten by the hubs and family, stay tuned.  🙂

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Home Tour Update

Take a look at the new updated home tour HERE
Still a work in progress: Kitchen, Bathroom,oh who are we kidding it all is!


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I’m Diggin

So if you know me you know I can’t sit still or keep things the same for very long. West Elm just released their fall preview and my heart skipped a beat! I need to win the lotto NOW! I found some great new stuff and it got me thinking of a master bedroom redo. I don’t think my hubby would be to happy to hear that, but hey a girl can dream.

I’m really into grays and taupe lately, I just like how they really are time-less colors . Currently we don’t have a rug in our master, and it’s needed! Love the nubby-ness of the pebble rug how good would that feel on you feet getting out of bed. New modern bedding would go nicely with the rug as well. I love love the  Totem Duvet and Chunky Tassel Throw , they emulate the Pebble rug texture with out being to matchy matchy. I think every room needs a bit of bling nothing to fancy but just a bit. The Sunburst Wire Wall Art would be prefect right above the head board. Now for a little pop of color I would take the Recycled-Glass candle holders and fill with some sort of organic material to hold a candle up, maybe green moss.

Oh photoshopping FUN!  Well all I need now is to win the lotto and this dream might become a reality! Till then…

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