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My New Baby!

The nursery is not the only new thing in our house. For the past 4/5 months we have been on the search for a new couch. They were either to expensive or to big, so on.  We finally found one where the price was right! We were able to pick a fabric we loved and have it custom built. They said 8 to 10 week wahhh wahhh. Well thanks to a christmas miracle it showed up in a months time!

Here is what our living room looked before

And here is what it looks like now! It’s going to take some getting use to, but I LOVE IT!!

The rocking chair will go where the tree is now.



That back left corner is kinda bugging me, but what can I do? I’m also not crazy about the couch not being centered under the window but again it fits better this way. SO welcome to the world my new baby… couch!



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Nursery Part 3

Here was my view while the hubs put the crib together. It went together really easily and minimal cursing, same with the dresser / changing table. We both love how it looks! We took a gamble when picking out this crib and dresser, we never got to see it in person. I looked at lots of reviews and everyone raved about it. I was not disappointed at all, the bee bees room is starting look more and more like a nursery!

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Rip Em Out!

Well I did it… well not all of it, but most of it. One second I was just weeding and doing normal yard work, and the next I was chopping down the large pricker bushes.  I didn’t do as much as I originally planned on doing, but I’m very happy with the outcome!


DAY 1 ( rip em out)


I wanted to transplant all the pachysandra to the side of the house but it was just to hard to dig it all up. So I ripped it out, I know, I know lame. I’m paying for it though, my arms are killing me!

I bought 5 new bushes to plant as well. They are tiny right now but next summer they will look great. Girls on a budget but at 6 bucks a pop not to shabby. Here is what they will look like one day





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Spring Clean Up – .5

I messed around a bit more with photoshop last night. What do you all think? YAY or NAY??


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The Great Dresser Redo: Part 2

Tonight the hubs and I started the dresser redoing… Here are some better before shots

You can see all the dings and scratches all over the top. I wanted to just sand it down, but after research it said I should strip it 1st. Well that and the hubs told me as well, but whatevs. We started the process by spraying the dresser down with thiner and waited 15 LONG minutes. I’m not a very patient person. 

I was shocked how well it worked, took off most of the clear coat. You really can see a big difference in the pictures below. Next step will be the legs and drawers. After that let the sanding begin! And a big thanks to miko for his help xo

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The Great Dresser Redo

A few weeks back the hubs came across a $19.00 dresser at the salvation army. He sent me a text pix of it and we both thought it would be perfect for the guest room! Its all wood, mid century modern. It however has seen better days, pretty banged up. Over the next week or so my goal its to sand it down and clean it up. Right now i’m thinking we will spray it black. But if the wood looks ok after sanding we might try and re-stain it a nice dark color. I’d also like to buy some new pulls for it.

sorry for the crappy cell phone pix, here is how she looked at the store.

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