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Change It Up

So I mentioned walking up and down all the isles of Target, which I do way to often. While there I came across a new shower curtain, I had to have it! I’ve been searching for a new look for our main BLUE bathroom for awhile now. Lucky for the hubs it’s not just a sledge hammer. Any who… here she is!

To refresh your memory here was the bathroom before.

And with the new curtain

I really like but I’m a bit concerned it’s to much pattern with the boys locker room floor, what do you all think?


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Junk Drawer Overhaul

This is kinda a lame post but a very honest post. Awhile back there was a post over at brooklynlimestone on overhauling your junk drawer. While at target the other day walking up and down every isle like normal. I found a drawer organizer and it was on sale for 5 BUCKS!! It made me think why not do my own overhaul. So here it is…again lame but whatever you looked 🙂


I took all the junk out and grouped like things (yes I’m crazy like that)

AND are you READY for it TA-DA!!!

oh so much better Woot!!

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