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S#@t Or Get Off The Pot

Remember way back when, I started the EASY basement bathroom reno? Yeah me either 🙂

Any who we hit a few road bumps and I had to bring in a plumber to help finish the job. So much for an easy quick project. After taking a look at the plumbing he was shock that there were no shut offs either.  A few hours of him banging around the old sink was out and I was able to install the new floor. Which would have been easy if the floor was square. Cutting peel and stick tile out around pipes and the toilet was not fun! He came back a few days later to put the new sink in, again not as easy as I thought it would be. Here is a peek back at the old bathroom.

Are you ready for this…?

It looks sooooo much better, yes it turned out to be a pain in the ass but some projects are just like that. Here is a side by side look.

YAY!! 🙂



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It’s The Little Things

The kitchen in my house is an 80’s dream kitchen. It works ok, but not my taste. Let’s look back in time, how it looked the day we closed on the house.

While I was re-painting my accent wall in the living room I got to thinking.  “What would happen if I painted the dusty rose colored tile in the kitchen, with this grey paint in my hand, hmmm”. If you hang out in my house long enough you’re going to get painted.

And wooops look what happened, I tripped and paint went on the tile…weird, right!?

5 minutes later my kitchen looked like this.

I dont recommend doing this in a very high traffic area the paint scrapes off pretty easily. Really you should sand the area before applying paint. But who has time for that!  If you have a little detail like this GO FOR IT!

In about 15 minutes I went from dusty rose to dark grey tile trim, love it.

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Bathroom Fun

As you know I kinda enjoy some photoshop magic! Last night I thought what if the hubby and I came into lots of money…? Well for starters I would have an awesome wardrobe DUH! But after that I would work on the house and make it how I see it in my head! Our main bathroom right not is BLUE all BLUE! It’s a great size and works fine, just not my taste.

Don’t you just love the blue sinks?? But like I said its a great size bathroom and functions just fine. Here is what in a perfect world made of free bathroom tile and fixtures would look like!

So anyone want to help me with a new bathroom fund and donate to me 🙂

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Leave it to the Professionals

I had this grand idea that the Hubs and I could tile our front entry way. It was old slate that was flaking away . I went to Homedepot and picked up tile I liked and the tools that  would be needed. I think I spent maybe $60 on the whole project, which I was SO happy about!

So next step busting it out, cleaning up, laying tile and done…right. WRONG! We started busting up the tiles and found there was lots of cement under the tile. We took one section and busted it down as far as we could. There was about 5 inches of cement. There was NO WAY IN HELL we could get this all out . I was bummed 😦

The Hubs tried really hard to get it out but it was a lot of work. By the way do you love his protective eyewear? They are my Coach sunglasses! Lesson learned always know when to stop and let the professionals take over. I contacted  a tile guy and he came pretty much the next day. He cleaned out all the cement had to pour new cement and lay the new tile. Once he was done he said that if he would have known how much that was going to be he would have charged us more. I’m all about saving money and doing project myself but always know when you can’t/ shouldn’t and ask for help.

Finished product!! so nice and level and not breaking.

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