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Christmas 2011

The tree is up, decor out and presents wrapped. BRING it xmas!


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Rip Em Out!

Well I did it… well not all of it, but most of it. One second I was just weeding and doing normal yard work, and the next I was chopping down the large pricker bushes.  I didn’t do as much as I originally planned on doing, but I’m very happy with the outcome!


DAY 1 ( rip em out)


I wanted to transplant all the pachysandra to the side of the house but it was just to hard to dig it all up. So I ripped it out, I know, I know lame. I’m paying for it though, my arms are killing me!

I bought 5 new bushes to plant as well. They are tiny right now but next summer they will look great. Girls on a budget but at 6 bucks a pop not to shabby. Here is what they will look like one day





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Spring Clean Up – .5

I messed around a bit more with photoshop last night. What do you all think? YAY or NAY??


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Spring Clean Up

With it being spring and all, I LOVE working in the yard! So far I’ve just been cleaning up this winters mess.  Take a looksy to what I’ve been up too.

I have a few ideas up my sleeves too, here is what I’m thinking about…

Take a peek above to see what it looks like now. I want to take out the two big pickery bushes on either sides of the windows. They are to big and a pain in the butt to trim up. I’d also like to paint the siding on the peak of the house a light grey, to jazz the house up.  This might just be a memorial day project! 🙂

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As in ripping out the weeds…

Take a look at our backyard a few years back (sorry crappy picture). This was taken the day we closed on the house. It was also one of the 1st things that had to go. I grew up with an apple tree and know how high maintenance they can be.

Once the tree was gone I went around and ripped pretty much everything else out. The pervious owner once had what I can only imagine was once a beautiful garden. By the time we bought the house it was so over grown and just ugly, it all had to go bye bye.

I’ve spent the past two summers ripping out flower beds and planting grass. This is what we had last summer.

Notice the Bush like thing in the back right of these pictures??

It never really bugged me, it helped block the view of the apartment buildings  (YUCK). But by the end of last summer they were so over grown and heavy looking they had to go. Last weekend I let the ripping start, OUT they came!  Now keep in mind its just the beginning of Spring here so nothing has bloomed.

Btw check out the new patio set! and the rest of the yard so far!

I would like to plant some cheap but tall tree/ bushes along the fence but thats down the road…

isn’t photoshop fun 🙂

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Xmas 2010

Well its that time of year again Xmas. I love and hate it all at once! I love getting a tree and wrapping gifts. I hate the time it takes and how you cant stop and enjoy it! With that said I do LOVE decorating for the holidays. Using what I have around the house which is the best way to save some money as well!.

1st of the tree. I never spend that much and Homedepot has great trees that last on a budget. I did however make the hubs take this tree back and get another one I’m picky!

Once we got home I let it warm up in the house and let all the branches drop before lighting and decorating.

Once all that was done I was ready to decorate it! The hubs and I have a tradition every time we go on vacation we buy an ornament! We have a nice little collection going and it’s fun to  pull them out every year! Not to mention I love buying the hubs some funny ones like his hamburger or taco.

I then took what I had around the house to make a table center piece, coffee table center piece and console center piece as well.

I hope to get some lights up on the outside of the house too, maybe this weekend! Enjoy the Holidays!


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