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Details… Shmetails…

I think I’m falling in love with this room It’s not like any room I’ve ever put together. And can I say I’m even shocked on how girly it’s looking and I don’t hate it!! This weekend I wanted to start hanging a few items I’ve had tucked away. A mirror I bought MONTHS ago, curtains, and wall shelves. We only got the curtains up and mirror, which is fine by me (trying to take my time).

Funny story about the mirror, I saw something like it on one of my favorite blogs younghouselove awhile back. After my 1st doctors appointment (8weeks along) I hit up the homegoods right down the road. While wondering around I saw a mirror very similar to the one Sherry and John used in their nursery.  I thought “well if we have a girl this would be super cute over the crib”. Glad that all worked out 😉

I also bought crib bedding, I’ll be honest I’m sure I spent to much for it but I LOVE IT!! It came in a cute bedding bag which got me thinking. I could use it and make a pillow for the rocking chair. And wah-la PILLOW.

The curtains were from Ikea, just like all the curtains in our house. So easy to put up and hem. My kinda project!


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To Paint or Not to Paint??

Awhile ago on one of my favorite DYI blogs they showed how they made a quick update to their garage door. Like always I don’t have that much $$ to play with so paint goes a LONG way. Check out what they did over at Young House Love (love these guys). It got me thinking I should paint our garage door the same color as our front and back door. With a little photoshop magic I can see how it might look.

so what do we think?? Yay or Nay???


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