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Guest Room Update

From time to time I get bored… this is the  time the hubs might want to run away and hide. I was looking at our guest room and kinda sick of it. The blue was never the right blue. Still love the chocolate brown, but needed a change. I had originally bought new grey quilt for our master with a West Elm gift card (Thanks Matt & Carol). I love it, but got to thinking “this might be the right change that the guest room needs”. I also had the white curtains laying around.

Take a look at the before:


Now the After:

(the armoire is going to go, it’s on its last leg)

So there we go a pretty much free redo! I like how much lighter it looks and open!


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Dresser Redo on HOLD

Boooooo I ran out of time this fall on my dresser redo! We were able to get it sanded and ready to go. I had a great goal to spray it all and have it ready for my house guests over thanksgiving. WRONG it got way to cold! So it will sit in the garage till next spring 😦

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The Great Dresser Redo

A few weeks back the hubs came across a $19.00 dresser at the salvation army. He sent me a text pix of it and we both thought it would be perfect for the guest room! Its all wood, mid century modern. It however has seen better days, pretty banged up. Over the next week or so my goal its to sand it down and clean it up. Right now i’m thinking we will spray it black. But if the wood looks ok after sanding we might try and re-stain it a nice dark color. I’d also like to buy some new pulls for it.

sorry for the crappy cell phone pix, here is how she looked at the store.

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New Bed

Well that was a long break, lets call it summer vacation…

A couple weeks back I was on Craigslist, I always search for furniture.  I typed in Crate and Barrel and came across a queen sized bed frame for $100.00 OBO.  Few emails later the bed was mine! It’s perfect for the guest room.  Stay tuned for the new dresser the hubs and I found at a salvation army for $19.00. 🙂

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I’m Diggin Ikea

I think a little trip down to IKEA is in order! I was poking around on their site looking at the new products and was very excited! I’m thinking in the next few weeks or so this will be MINE!  A few years back I had never stepped foot in the wonderland that is Ikea. They finally built one about 45 mins away from my house, and life has not been the same! Take a look at what I’m Diggin!!

Last weekend was my birthday and I was spoiled rotten by the hubs and family, stay tuned.  🙂

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Home Tour Update

Take a look at the new updated home tour HERE
Still a work in progress: Kitchen, Bathroom,oh who are we kidding it all is!


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